Why Attendance Matters

Teacher effectiveness is the strongest determining factor for student success. But a student who misses school cannot benefit from the hard work of even the best educators who seek to inspire curiosity, interest, confidence, and passion in learning.

Attendance, commitment, and engagement are also key components to student achievement. As educators, these are well-known and fundamental matters. We know students who consistently attend school thrive in academics, extracurricular activities, and in life.

Now with remote learning part of the equation, overcoming attendance, engagement, and commitment challenges is greater than ever before. Schools and families must partner together, building a bridge that develops strong, resilient, hardworking students who attend, commit, and engage, so they ACE their school year.

Did you know these alarming facts about our Central Texas students?

1 in 5 Central Texas Pre-K students are chronically absent.

Download the Why Attendance Matters poster (in English and Spanish) to display in your school.

11x17 Why Attendance Matters Poster (PDF 4MB) 8.5x11 Why Attendance Matters Poster (PDF 2.3MB)

About Chronic Absenteeism

Learn more about the meaning of chronic absenteeism and truancy, and see what happens when a community comes together around attendance.

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Remote Learning During COVID-19

Student engagement looks different now than it ever has before. Find free resources on navigating the new world of attendance along with other helpful information on effective instruction, leadership, special populations and school culture.

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