About ACE

The year 2020 has clearly shown that educators must look to a new future that redefines what it means to attend school. 

With attendance no longer tied to a physical presence in the classroom, school districts are now forced to rethink and reimagine classroom instruction in a remote setting, or via some creative combination of remote and on-campus learning modalities.   

As a result, attendance has the potential to mean so much more.

  • Whether in remote or on-campus learning, this moment in time presents an opportunity for educators to elevate our perceptions about calling on students to attend school.
  • What resources are we providing that allow students and families to commit to school?   
  • How are we transforming classroom instruction in the remote and physical settings so that students wish to engage deeply in learning?

We are a community who cares for all children and their ability to receive equitable access to high-quality instruction that sets them up for success in college, career, and life.   

As we redefine attendance so all students Attend, Commit, and Engage because they feel healthy, safe, and valued, there is much promise in changing the patterns of absenteeism in Central Texas. Together, we can transform policies and practices to make it possible for all students to ACE their school year.    

ACE is a partnership between SCHOOLS and FAMILIES that allows students to:



Attend by being present for remote or on-campus learning with a feeling of wellness, safety, and belonging



Commit by showing dedication to learning with a feeling of connection to what is being taught



Engage by displaying academic progress with a feeling of confidence and accomplishment

About the ACE Task Force

The ACE Task Force is comprised of educators and practitioners committed to improving attendance in the Central Texas region through a fortified partnership between schools and families.

Special thanks to the ACE Task Force chair whose leadership will help keep us moving toward strengthening this school-family collaboration:

Gina Zook

Lead Parent Engagement Specialist, Hutto ISD

Partner Districts

Additionally, we thank all our district partners for their service on this Task Force, and welcome new partners at any time.

  • Austin ISD
  • Del Valle ISD
  • Elgin ISD
  • Hays CISD
  • Hutto ISD
  • Lockhart ISD
  • Manor ISD
  • Pflugerville ISD
  • Round Rock ISD
  • Seguin ISD
  • University of Texas at Austin

About E3 Alliance

E3 Alliance is a regional, data-driven education collaborative based in Austin, Texas. With a mission to transform education system through data and collaboration so all students succeed., we are helping to build the strongest educational pipeline in the country to drive economic prosperity in Central Texas.

As the pioneer in collective impact, E3 teams up with a broad range of community representatives to work together on achieving lasting systemic change. Since 2006 we have engaged 15 school districts, eight institutions of higher education, numerous businesses and nonprofits, and policy leaders across Central Texas to address complex community issues in education. Learn more about E3 Alliance.