A strong school-family partnership sets an early foundation for student success that carries through in college, career, and life.

Our new attendance campaign helps schools in Central Texas rally around the same Attend, Commit, and Engage message so students ACE their school year.

We’ve created resources specifically for schools in our School Toolkit, as well as Resources for Families.

School Toolkit

Download a wide range of documents to share with your school staff and families, including the popular #ACEit hip-hop music video and social media graphics and messaging ready for posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Family resources are available in four home languages in addition to English.

See the school toolkit

Resources for Families

By attending, engaging, and committing to school, students increase their chances of succeeding in reading and math, graduating from high school on time, pursuing a postsecondary credential, earning a living wage, and successfully holding a job. Help your child thrive with these valuable ideas.

Find Resources for families