Let's #ACEIT!

As school districts around the country face the challenges of reopening campuses amid the uncertainties of the pandemic, Central Texas districts are turning the crisis into an opportunity for positive solutions.

Why attendance matters

ACE is a partnership between SCHOOLS and FAMILIES that allows students to:



Attend by being present for remote or on-campus learning with a feeling of wellness, safety, and belonging



Commit by showing dedication to learning with a feeling of connection to what is being taught



Engage by displaying academic progress with a feeling of confidence and accomplishment

Resources for Schools & Families

We’ve created a resource library for schools and families packed with tips and tools for increasing attendance, commitment, and engagement, regardless of whether students are learning on campus or remotely.

School toolkit Resources for families

School Attendance in the Time of COVID-19

Student engagement looks different now than it ever has before. Find free resources on navigating the new world of attendance along with other helpful information on effective instruction, leadership, special populations, and school culture.

COVID-19 & Remote learning